Friday, December 11, 2015

Did You Know the Best Hoverboard for 300 lb Person

Top 3 Hoverboard Weight Limit Above 250 lbsA Hoverboard for 300 lbs Person: Why A Hoverboard Weight Limit Matters Finding the Best Hoverboard for 300 lbs Person? My good friend Freddie hit me up the other day and asked me this: What I thought was the best hoverboard for 300 lbs person to buy?  Honestly, when he first asked me the question, I didn’t know all the hoverboard weight limits.  I did some research and reading of the fine print that is often included in the nether regions of a website.  There, in those deep and dark places, I found what I was looking for… What is the hoverboard weight limit? Discovering the hoverboard weight limit is done by the manufacturer during the testing phase of product development, theoretically.  With many of the current issues people are having with cheap hoverboards exploding or catching on fire, I doubt they underwent much testing.  The Consumer Products Safety Commission has announced that they will be launching an investigation soon.
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